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    Are American men allowed to relish casual sex? Whenever an American media outlet mentions prostitution, they always bring up human trafficking. Even when it’s not present in the situation they’re highlighting. They always ignore the women who prostitute themselves because they choose to do so. And, they always describe the customer in a predatorial context. Casual sex is taboo when you adhere to Abrahamic religions. Since many Western governments have gone secular, the causal sex taboo is now an individual’s prerogative rather than society’s. Most responsible men have access to employment, a decent living standard, and marriage.

    Often men are well cared for at home.

    European women are modern and also trained in household matters. When they’re in a relationship, they do whatever it takes to make their partner happy. You won’t find too many men looking for sex. Often men are well cared for at home. However, this is not always the case in North America. Below, the first video shows a Metoo advocate from the United States. She pretends to be an innocent reporter. In reality, she’s spying on the prostitution system in Europe. It provides an option for American men. She intends to sabotage everything dear to men. At the top of her checklist is a man’s readily available access to traditional marriage and casual sex.

    North American dating sites give women abundant access to sex, while the algorithms blatantly discriminate against the men on the site. For some reason, in North America, even though they have separated church from state, secular communities hold men to modern religious standards regarding sex. After successfully bullying the men living in America, the radical feminists discovered that men go to South America or Europe, where the hottest women are ever ready to satisfy these men’s desires. If a man wants to fuck, they shower him with sex. American radical feminists and Metoo advocates can’t stand this. For them, misandry is the order of the day.

    North American visitors who try to colonize them with misandristic sentiments.

    This spy discovered that in the big cities of countries like Germany and Spain, hundreds of gorgeous women preen to line the streets WILLINGLY every night. They wait for a horny John to stop by for casual sex. Dick shaming and false accusation are their modus operandi. All over the world, feminists have been harassing every government to brand a prostitute’s employer as a pimp. Since these sex workers provide services that please men, the feminists don’t want anyone to hire them. They brand the transportation of a sex worker as human trafficking. So the women are forced to work independently, under harsh conditions, without help from anyone.

    Still, these beautiful women go out every night to satisfy a horny man in any way he wants. In the video above, you will see the disrespectful feminist broaching gender-biased subjects, falsely assuming things like abuse, sex trafficking, or other forms of criminal activities of which women are victims and men are predators. This feminist journalist or Metoo advocate decided to bring Vice cameras to Madrid, Spain. There she found a self-proclaimed whore ten times hotter than the radical Metoo promoter. She refused to acknowledge that most Europeans think it’s silly to discriminate against men or assume the occurrence of a crime before it happens.

    The cheeky feminist hoped to convert the European sex worker to the Metoo psyche, but it didn’t work. Instead, she found out reluctantly that many women who walk these streets do so voluntarily, and the Johns are their respected customers. The Metoo advocate posing as a journalist was baffled at all these captivating women voluntarily agreeing not to be misandrists. The opposite of her message. Not only that, but they are also suspicious of North American visitors who try to colonize them with misandristic sentiments. The Spanish hooker sat the Metoo advocate down for a talk on being accountable for herself and only herself.

    The North American Metoo promoter preferred to deprive sex workers of their free will to choose to provide pleasures for horny men. When all else failed, she turned to fear. She started referring to the horny customers as possible serial killers. Of course, she didn’t care about the porch. In a secular community, it’s ethical for modern men to pay for consensual sex with a worker of their choice without any threats or accusations afterward. They don’t hate or discriminate against older men. In many parts of Europe, it’s common to find a nineteen-year-old sex worker sitting on the lap of a fifty-year-old John. A homeless man can get laid just as fast as any CEO.


    Most men have married happily, so you won’t find too many running around looking for a prostitute. However, if a man desires to have casual sex, all he has to do is take a short drive or walk to select the dream boat of his choice. Depending on his budget, he can even have the lady show up at his home for a naughty evening. This arrangement is only problematic if the workers disturb the residents of a community, disrespect a holy place, or there is child sex trafficking or violence against the sex worker or the John. Prostitution should be legalized and controlled where we address health, welfare, and safety issues in the system. What do you think?*

    Prostitution is no longer something we ignore. It’s time to take action.

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