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    Inherently great people want to date you, seriously! These people are healthy, competent, independent, motivated, and great looking. They come from good backgrounds and are looking for you to bond, romance, get married, and start a family with. I’ve heard stories of people drinking the awesome shit and crying themselves to sleep. Likewise, thousands of friendless men are looking for an ordinary woman to go to court and marry. I’m talking about traditionally-minded straight people looking for a reliable partner to share life. Do not be fooled! These people exist, and the world is an inherently good place. There are many fantastic individuals out there.

    Don’t fall victim to the algorithm. Move with care. Many content creators claim, “women find 80% of men unattractive”. This unconfirmed statistic on the internet states that “one in three men is either a virgin or hasn’t had sex in the past year.” I have never experienced how single people find it increasingly complex and challenging to build meaningful relationships. I understand that I always meet traditional women with big hearts who are good at housekeeping and interested in a meaningful relationship with someone awesome. Unfortunately, lazy men stay in horrible relationships and allow themselves to become involuntarily celibate.

    There is this unconfirmed statistic floating on the internet that…”

    The worst thing a single person can find out is that the love of their life has been living on the street all along. They passed him several times at the local grocery store. You don’t want to waste your youth being too picky, and you don’t want to get in and out of bad relationships. Find out what’s right for you and choose a partner. I have seen very successful relatives grow old and die. They traveled and owned land, houses, expensive possessions, bank accounts, and life insurance. In the very last hour, the only thing their whole life amounted to was their children and grandchildren. Their real-life boiled down to the relationship they shared with their spouse.

    So when I hear that no one goes out with a purpose anymore, I believe those who wish for that outcome should engage more effectively. Take care of yourself and show respect to others. That’s the secret. The good thing about today’s dating atmosphere is that you, as a man, can display excellent qualities. Women will fight for the right man. At least you will find someone who cares about you. Remember that not every single mother fits the stereotype of single mothers. It’s my experience never to generalize. If you try to date someone and it doesn’t work out, know within yourself that it wasn’t your fault. They weren’t the right person for you then.

     The good thing about today‚Äôs dating atmosphere is that you…”

    Go ahead and be yourself. Instead of blaming a specific gender for the frustrating atmosphere in today’s dating scene, blame the system. For some reason, the people who control our system have decided to fill our ears with vindictive ideas about catcalling, 304s, harassment, gold-digging, misogyny, misandry, gender role phobia, single mother phobia, racism, sexism, you name it. These are different shapes of apples that are given to both women and men. Dating sites manipulate their algorithms to prevent women from matching the men they are looking for. They label one group as victims and the other as villains. It’s the Adam and Eve effect.

    Once you stop the system from influencing your behavior, you suddenly figure out how to eliminate the noise. I believe someone decided to attack singles with conflicting information to get them to disrupt normality. If you examine why single women find 80% of men unattractive, you may find much false information cleverly presented to trick them into behaving that way. Once people become aware of it, it stops working. I grew up in a religious environment: Bible study, evangelism, and outreach programs. I was a little kid who took to the streets with my parents and church members to convert strangers to Christianity. My point? Influence is possible.

    They were introduced to “Jesus Christ” after hearing the message and became born again. In my twenties, I used to go to bars to pick up women. I was once a door-to-door insurance salesman for a short time. I’ve made my living selling books while creating music. Anyone can be enticed. Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons are ringing the doorbell. You become a Jehovah’s Witness by listening to them more than once. Everything we know, everything we do, was taught to us by someone. Independent thinking is only as good as the community that protects it. If you get the same information repeatedly, you will start acting accordingly. Love still exists.*


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