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    My Reaction to Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s Wireless Application Protocol – WAP

    I like this song! It’s much better than the dick-shaming ballads that many female artists have roared out of their lungs. Let’s breakdown this cultural instigator. Can we agree that this song has many dimensions? The first is feminism, womanism, or both. Woman power if you can. In that dimension, we can be happy that some of our women seem to have heard us. We have spent the past decade blogging, vlogging, writing, protesting, or even complaining. Oh, the harmful effects of feminism on heterosexual relationships.

    African Leaders Must Stand Up for The Africans Who Live Abroad

    African leaders and diplomats can no longer remain silent on issues concerning racism and cultural disrespect towards Africans in the global diaspora. Last year, Al Jazeera journalists went public as tourists, smuggled into the Caribbean islands, and ambushed some of the top government officials to entrap them over the citizenship/investment scheme. Can a Caribbean journalist pose as a tourist in Kuwait, for example, and then use that disguise to accuse Kuwaiti officials of fraud?

    Liberal Media Insensitivity Toward Stacy Dash

    Isn’t it suspicious how the Liberal side of the mainstream media humiliates Stacy Dash for the end of her fourth marriage? If she was a democrat, they would have painted her as a brave victim. Am I mistaken? Did the lousy press about Stacy Dash’s occur because she expressed Conservative opinions? That’s my observation. Some say the Democrats would only portray someone in a favorable image if that person bolsters their agenda.

    When You Begin to Lack the 2020 Republican’s Type of Solutions

    As I’d stated in my blog about Joe Biden’s economic policies, for guys like myself, who are in our early 40s, our demands go beyond the procurement of affordable healthcare, tuition-free community colleges, or a decent minimum wage. Honestly speaking, can you imagine if Bill Clinton had delivered those in the 90s? What do you do when you’re in 2020, and the unflattering candidate’s economic policy keeps your dream alive?

    The New Animation Movie of John Bunyan’s Time Tested “Pilgrim’s Progress”

    Pilgrim’s Progress is the world’s second-highest bestseller after the Bible, the best-selling book of all time. It is a narrative of self-sacrifice, perseverance, hope, and success. Many have used it as a blueprint for their ascertainment to ensue. If you are a Christian, I would say this book is a must-read. Fortunately, there are also films about the account. Here you will find a modern rendition of timeless fiction. Before that, allow me to show my respect for the author, John Bunyan.

    Candace Owens, Royce Da 5’9 & Lebron James Crossing Lanes Over Ahmaud Arbery

    My anxiety is not over death. It’s to not lose everything I’ve worked for from flipping and openly bodying something, just off the rage. What will my people say? Those who have supported me this whole time. How do you see through the bullshit? From my [Independent] point of view, it looks like everyone (Lebron James, Candace Owens, and Royce Da 5’9) is right in this exchange.