Adding Straight people to the LGBTQIA+ to Create a SLGBTQIA+ Community

Should they add straight to the LGBTQIA+ Community? That’s it. Why are straight people not a part of the LGBTQIA+ Community? In modern secular societies, one finds that one wants to belong to a section within the community of sexual orientations. Maybe you want to interact sexually with members of other areas who don’t want to interact with you.

Mental Illness: (Law & Order S7 E22)

To this vein, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, autism, cognitive disorder, dyslexia, substance abuse and obsessive compulsive disorder are just few off a long list of “mental illnesses” that are judged incorrectly. Click HERE to watch the episode. Stereotypes are impregnable misjudgments entrenched by ignorance in society. In this vein, Continue Reading

Future of Emergency Medical Service in Canada

Throughout history, paramedicine has never remain stagnant. Paramedic duties have intensified over time.” The transformation of our world has introduced changes and altered many of our norms. Some practices have become outdated, while others remain relevant. For Emergency Medical Service, these norms apply to training, equipment, legal protection, job description, Continue Reading