Rebecca’s Womb & the Rivers of Babylon

Here’s a question that my Sunday school teacher couldn’t answer. Why did God promise the Israelites this particular land? Of all the uninhabited spots on the planet at that time, why would an all-knowing God promise His chosen people a piece of land that other people already inhabited? That’s why I never became a preacher like my parents. Based on my humanitarian outlook, I couldn’t logically justify the teachings.

Ingólfr Arnarson, traditional Icelandic cuisine, & Iceland Culture

Almost everyone has been talking about Iceland lately. For one reason or another, whoever is in charge of their public relations wants more people to know about their feminist country. Maybe it’s to boost their tourism? So, I decided to explore this reserved island in the Arctic that doesn’t even need a standing army. Yet, they’ve managed to sit in one of the top five spots on the United Nations Human Development Index for what seems like forever.

The Black Man

Racists do not realize how ignorant they are. They victimize others by keeping annals against the victim’s situation. Racists have no remorse for their race’s horrendous crimes against the Aborigines, Africans, Arabs, Asians, or Indian people. And they cling to the idea that those they berate deserve it. They blame Continue Reading