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In this blog of “sexiest female celebrities,” I promise to compile a fella’s inspiration. This time I bumped the list up from ten to fifteen and selected women who I consider underdogs in the industry right now. There are a few things to clear up before we go crazy. The last time I wrote on the subject, I made it clear that my goal is not to praise the booty on a hood-rat, nor the enormous tits on that hazel eyed milf who lives next door. I’m not here to objectify women even though it’s challenging for men to speak about women’s beauty without objectifying them.

This blog is for real men who want to find love responsibly. I intend to spark more interest in the talent and beauty of women in general. To define what to look for and take on the role of down to earth 21st-century men who embrace their passion. You intend to seduce a QUEEN. You’re not afraid to be open-minded and experiences dating from today’s point of view. You’re unapologetic about who you are as I suggest several lines of reasoning that will go a long way to help in narrowing down your pick of that fancy lover.

…my goal is not to praise the booty on a hood-rat from across the way, nor the tits on that hazel eyed milf…”

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1] When it comes to dating, as a suitor, your first line of reasoning should be, “her beauty.” Appearance corresponds to genes which equal good offspring. To be content with your lady you must be delighted with her natural beauty. You don’t want to change her to what you want. Instead, you want her to be what you want when you meet her. This way, it’s in her nature to present herself that way, and you won’t cheat.

Forget everything the media has taught you. Women are just as superficial as men. They care about appearances just as well. They spend a lot of time and energy on their expressions. People who are politically correct will give you the story about inner beauty and the eye of the beholder. When you focus on beauty, some will call you an ape. Never relent on your requirement that your lady is stunning to you.

Be the jerk and live with your indiscretion or shoot yourself if she’s ugly on the inside. You won’t know the difference when you have her. By attractive I mean when she’s beautiful in your eyes no matter what she’s wearing, saying, or doing.

Realize the value of what you have to offer. “

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2] The next line of reasoning when selecting your date should have to do with personality. You must be sure the belief, culture, morals, and tolerance mesh with your own. Don’t accept a partner who believes otherwise from what you imagine. You can have the sexiest matron in your sac, but if for any reason, she’s not lenient to your interests then you’ve got a predicament.

Does she do what you want or mistreat others? She believes in home cooked meals? Does she respect you? Is she selfish? Are you pressured to take care of her or is she an “independent woman”? Will she throw you in jail? Can you maintain a harmonious interaction with her? What is her position on gender role, abortion or marriage? Is she ambitious about a specific goal? Is she consistent? Can she balance her ambition with your relationship? Can you protect her from her worst choices? Do you enjoy her company? How much do you know this woman?

None of these questions have a correct answer. Your want could be wrong also. But ask yourself these questions when seeking more than a friend with whom you have casual sex. Never mistake a lousy girlfriend for a life partner and then marry her.

Forget everything the media has taught you. Women are just as superficial as men.”

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3] The next line of reasoning when selecting “that girl” is your chemistry with her. A woman will do anything with you if you have the precise chemistry with her. How well do you get along? How much do you have in common? I’m not saying your girl should always agree with you or never have opinions. If you’ve answered the right amount of questions and she has the spark, I promise that you’ve found “the right one.”

People behave the way they do, based on their belief, culture, and upbringing. Peer pressure and habit or circumstance will factor in. You must figure out if your girl is someone you’re proud of, who is also proud of you. Today’s perception of morality may not stem from a mindset that was once common. Be sure to know if she’s old or new school. We have evolved into a society that leans toward a secular outlook that aims to accommodate people of unconventional thinking. You must put compatibility high on your list of requirements.

Today’s perception of morality may not stem from a mindset that was once common.”

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4] If you’re an average guy, the gorgeous women you meet may have already experienced what you have to offer. Many women (in the West) can sustain their personal needs. Many may already have other charming offers and may not deem your precious gifts as cherished as you think they are. Be sure to remain vigilant over your criminal record, your reputation and your credit report.

Unless you’re 100% sure of her interest in you, never waste the experience of real romance on someone who you don’t know. If it’s in the name of a potential relationship, then a romantic date should be the worst way to start things off. As a man, you should realize the value of what you have to offer. DO NOT make sacrifices for women who tell you that they don’t need you. Or be honest with the ones who show you that they don’t care what you have. A true lover will admit to needing you, and a sincere friend will value and protect your assets.

Many guys make the mistake of taking women, who do not care for them, out on expensive dates hoping to win them over. Be wise and make sure to save that experience for someone who cares for you. There is genuine friendship in every lasting relationship. First meetings should be casual [meet and greet, coffee at a cafe, drinks at a pub or something recreational] but nothing super romantic. Go around handing out romantic dates to every new woman you meet, and you won’t have much left when a real potential shows up.


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 happen to believe; you shouldn’t call a woman out of her name.”

15. AMY CHILDS: Can you believe this girl is not even 24 years old? She logs in with a matured swagger, but she’s talented and breathtaking. Your competition for this lady’s attention is going to be steep. What I call young, fresh and clean! Call me corny if you want. What man resists a stunning redhead with a British accent? If it weren’t for the British show “The Only Way to Essex,” we probably wouldn’t know her. Amy Childs is the girl who gets the spare key to your other condominium. I know, she has fake boobs and probably spends a lot of time in a tanning bed. It’s working!

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Who was once a baby girl has now grown into a full-blown adult, and she’s looking sexy.”

14. CHRISTINA RICCI: What happens when that 13-year-old girl turns 18 years of age? We say, ‘oh shit! She’s all grown up!’ This Golden Globe nominee has come a long way in her career. You remember her, right? She played “Wednesday” in the “Adam’s Family.” But 1991 is long gone. Who was once a baby girl has now grown into a full-blown adult, and she’s looking sexy! Well, public nudity does not always disqualify a girl anymore. Christina deserves every attention she gets because she is a woman for whom you clean your car. You might want to grab the doors too. Might not want to buy dinner on the first date but this lady looks like she has what it takes to make you wake up satisfied.

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If this lady is calling you Papi, you already know the flavors between spring and sparkling water.”

13. ADRIANA LIMA: What red-blooded and straight man does not love Brazilian dames? This ravisher started as a model and ended up acting. She worked for Victoria’s Secret and became their Angel. She has cat-walked for Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, Vera Wang, and Armani. She’s a Portuguese who made the Forbes list for best-paid celebrities under age 25.

Starring in movies like “The Follow,” she’s also appeared in “Ugly Betty” and “How I Met Your Mother.” If this lady is calling you Papi, you already know the flavors between spring and sparkling water. You’re thugged out, but you speak proper English when need be. Adriana is the girlfriend you waited for, but you still must check if you two think the same.

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Your spinners may do the trick, but you’re going to read a book or two.”

12. FREIDA PINTO: This Catholic girl from Mumbai had a bachelor’s degree in English Literature, and she also studied Economics and Psychology. You know her as the actress in “Slumdog Millionaire.” Back then she was the new girl who gave every jerk a hidden erection. The one with those puppy eyes you couldn’t resist. She’s maturing though. You can see that in her other movie, “You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger.”

Yep, she looks perfect, but before you accomplish whatever dream with her, you may have to prove that you have an educated brain. Your spinners may do the trick, but you’re going to read a book or two. You might have to wear a buttoned shirt and carry a rosary if you wish to unleash the beast on this beauty. Once you do, you’ll have your version of “Mississippi Masala.”

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Unless you’re helping your mom with landscaping, you have no business in her basement…”

11. AISHWARYA RAI: She used to be Miss World! They’ve been calling her the most beautiful woman in the world for over ten years. I know, I’m stuck in India. Find me another 40 years old lady with this swagger. By now you know not to show up in a 1990s Buick with cloth seats and a faulty carburetor. Unless you’re helping your mom with landscaping, you have no business in her basement, not even to do your laundry unless you’re visiting from Russia. You might recognize Aishwarya if you watch foreign films. Since you want a matron who’s this sexy, moves right and connects with you, get your wardrobe in order. Your whips are acceptable, and your wallet is not with maxed-out credit cards. So then, when Aishwarya Rai calls you back you know, it’s time to set it off!

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This gifted Chinese/American has been a Hollywood heartthrob since 1985.”

10. KELLY HU: A former Miss Hawaii with an extensive list of movies under her belt. Like “The Scorpion King,” “Cradle 2 The Grave” and “Farmhouse,” to name three. This gifted Chinese-American has been a Hollywood favorite since 1985. If she’s baking brownies in her nightgown in your kitchen, then you are Zen. I bow to you Sifu! Most guys feel the urge to sample a little Asian persuasion, but this one might not rub you in the back of a restaurant. You probably can’t buy a successful conclusion here. If you’re lucky enough to get the girlfriend experience with this one, please promise me that you won’t show up late because your little sister was hugging herself in the bathroom.

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We call them gangsta bitches in my hood..”

9. KAT VON D: Ever wondered how it is to date a babe who’s into lots of tattoos? Some guys are not comfortable with a lady who has numerous tattoos, but others don’t mind it. I don’t mean the removable joke your ex-girlfriend got at the carnival. This one is authentic! Needle, ink, blood, and flesh. She’s the girl from “Miami Ink” who later moved to Los Angeles and acquired the show called “L.A. Ink.”

Luckily for Jessie James when Sandra Bullock terminated his services, Kat was there with open arms and a shoulder to weep. She appears to like the ruff neck type and seems to fall for the spiked hair drummer on the Rock band. We call them gangsta bitches in my hood. You’d be surprised to find how tender a tattooed babe can be when it comes to matters of the heart. Try your luck on a motorcycle? Have a collection of leather jackets and dirty Denim jeans. Have you got what it takes to sweep this tomboy off her feet?

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This one dates the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and such.”

8. BAR RAFAELI: Shalom! My friends in the States may never see a hot Jewish model dating anyone who’s not white. But you’d be surprised. In America, due to racism and prejudice, it probably won’t happen as often as if one lived in Europe or Canada for example. Although it is customary for Jews to marry Jewish, you may find one or two Israeli women who don’t check for a race when they do for love.

Hey, don’t read this, get excited and go around stalking Jewish women, though. I don’t see too many becoming your baby mama any time shortly.  This one dates the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and such. So just imagine how tight your game must be just to meet her, let alone feed her strawberries in your boxers. I heard Bar Rafaeli married a friend to avoid the draft into the Israeli army?

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The onion booty “Fantastic Four” royalty is a jaw dropper.”

7. JESSICA ALBA: I should have called this “sexiest most scarce females” because it’s virtually impossible for the average Joe, even to meet these ladies. As soon as the sex symbol of “Dark Angel” was old enough to buy a Martini, this guy named Cash Warren conquered her. I don’t blame him. The onion booty “Fantastic Four” royalty is a jaw dropper. I’m sure she has a beautiful personality to go with all that money, fame, and booty. What can I tell you? If you ever found yourself sleeping with someone remotely close to Jessica Alba, my advice is to, you guessed it, wife her up immediately. But you don’t need me to tell you that.

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This lady wrote her lyrics and did I mention that she’s ultra-sexy? “

6. KATY PERRY: You have a few scriptures memorized and believe in Jesus. Maybe you can guilt Katy Perry to come to church with you. This Christian girl gone gay-friendly seems to be open-minded and free-spirited. Since she reportedly earned her GED in the 9th grade, I am willing to bet on her being on the bright side also. This lady wrote her lyrics and did I mention that she’s ultra-sexy? I’m sorry to inform you that she’s married. Practically, every lady on this list has a man right now. Let’s not forget that this is a fantasy list. You won’t be dipping your chalupa in this hot sauce in real life. She’s paid her dues and knows a bit about struggling. Maybe you could have pulled her like fifteen years ago.

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You know what they say about southern girls.”

5. ROCSI: 106 & Park might not mean much to you if you’re not into Hip Hop and R&B, but if you watch BET you must admit – Rocsi is mad beautiful! Well, she’s not on BET anymore but did she have Eddie Murphy in the sac? Whether it’s her charming persona or her sexy voice, if you know what I’m talking about then you know she’s a light in any room.

Parents from Belize and Honduras, grew up in Louisiana? Um! You know what they say about Southern girls. They’ve got manners, class, and if you find the right one, you’ll ask yourself why hadn’t you met her sooner? If an average guy gets Rocsi crazy, I don’t see how he won’t wife her. If you make money and live a decent life, a Rocsi can complete your experience.

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It would help if you spoke Portuguese, Spanish or Italian when you ask her out.”

4. SHAKIRA: Shakira is the Colombian bombshell who is also a musical genius. The lady has even got a statue in Colombia. Became famous in the early 90’s and sold over 50 million records worldwide. Not to mention, her slew of Latin Grammy, Billboard Latin Music Awards, and even a Golden Globe nomination. It would help if you spoke Portuguese, Spanish or Italian when you ask her out. I’m sure you’d benefit from Salsa lessons. Oops! You only know Ebonics? Luckily, she’s ten years older than her new boyfriend so you might catch a break. She seems to like young blood. Her man is a well-paid soccer player in Europe. Homie, if you’re still borrowing a twenty from your little brother, it’s more than likely you won’t have to worry about taking this royalty to the New Year’s dance.

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You sold your soul to the devil, and suddenly you’re in a $1500 tuxedo…!”

3. EVA MENDES: How about a talented, cherry cocoa from Cuba? One of the most beautiful women around. You remember her from “Hitch.” She’s in “Exit Wounds,” “Knocked Up,” “2 Fast 2 Furious,” “Stuck on You” and “Training Day.” Maybe there was an era when you could bring her to your boy’s apartment to play cards and drink cheap beer but those days are gone.

If you’re still getting your 1993 ride or die gangsta shit popping, and you’ve been selling weed for the last 20 years, but you’re pocket lint-broke, I’ll suggest you concentrate on the lotion, partner. Or anything besides this precious stone. You sold your soul to the devil, and suddenly you’re in a $1500 tuxedo, standing at an altar while a bride glides down the corridor. Wedding bells are ringing. You lift the veil to kiss whoever it is and wow! It’s Eva Mendes! She’s smiling!!! You disregard the priest and launch your tongue into her throat and why, why, why? Your little sister shakes you awake, you’ve overslept on the pull out in your cousin’s living room. It’s noon! Get up you bum.

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But you know you’ve only got it made if you’re Swizz…”

2. ALICIA KEYS: How do you even holla at this goddess? I guess you’d have to pray she feels sorry for you?! Some fans have said that this lady loves her a thug. She sings like an angel with millions of records sold. Did I mention that she’s brilliant with that sweet looking ass behind it all? Swizz Beatz might want to kick my teeth in but for what it’s worth Alicia Keys is a dreamboat.

Yep, she might go with you to the ice cream parlor and walk in the park eating cotton candy. She could come to your studio and help engineer your tracks. She could dig you in a white t-shirt, blue jeans, and Timberland boots. But you know you’ve only got it made if you’re Swizz. Your paint job may not have to be great, and your wheels may not have to be 20 inches wide. Well, let’s just say on the first date you can’t have cat hair with old Mickey D fries on the floor of your ride with potato chips stuck between the seats unless of course, it’s a brand-new Porsche.

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To me, she’s the none white version of an all-American girl.”

1. ZOE SALDANA: Firstly, she’s a Jersey girl. Yay! Shout out to New Jersey! One of my homies told me she’s my number one pick because she looks like Tyra Banks! NOT! I didn’t even think about it. To me, she’s the none white version of an all-American girl. Her talent is unquestionably impeccable. This half Dominican and half Puerto Rican is a plateau of physical appeal!

You probably remember her from “Pirates of The Caribbean” or “The Curse of The Black Pearl.” It was her performance in three movies that got me, “Guess Who,” “The Terminal” and “Avatar.” She’s my number one for the next number of years. Until my next sexy celebrity blog. I almost went with Eva Mendes. Then I debated between her and Alicia Keys. In the end, I went with Zoe because she seems to have a look, personality, and the body language I adore. * Leave your comments below


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