Tunisians Protest Against Dictator who Plumits Nation into Bigotry

Concerning the ongoing issue of racism, we have another groundbreaking story. Well, there is a saying that no condition is permanent. So I guess I shouldn’t call racism an ongoing issue. For one thing, the Egyptians ruled 33 pharaonic dynasties. Second, the Moors ruled Spain for almost 800 years. However, the Trans-Saharan slave trade lasted approximately 2000 years or more.

The Death of Socrates in a Global Totalitarian Biotech Society  

The information age has reached an exciting point. Do you happen to know whose information we access? The problem is censorship has always been about who’s accepting the news. In my last article, I wrote about how Chris Rock’s latest stand-up comedy show ignited the topic of selective equality and legal corruption. To further illustrate what I meant, I compared it to the Hindu caste system, which divides people into upper and lower classes.

Interpreting “Make America Great Again” by Presidents Ronald Ragan & Donald Trump

Following 2015, the progressive wing of the mainstream media drove us to resent the famous Republican motto, “Make America Great Again.” I’ve sat back and reserved my evaluations of the North American public. How well do we know our government? There is a disturbing pattern. North Americans will sleepwalk through a circumstance.

The Enduring Effort to Instill Fear in Your Psyche

The current protests against police brutality are at a stalemate. It’s the notion of who the law commands to yield to whom. The police are a force. Unlike the military’s capacity to establish international raids, police assaults happen nationally. The authorities expect the members of the public to submit. Or else they will force you to comply with their command—the police answer to their chief, judge, mayor, or governor.