Quandaries of a Conqueror: The Hate for Drake’s Elohim Package

If you’re arrogant enough to believe that you deserve as much as everyone else, you’ll become jealous when certain people achieve far more than you. Maybe it’s my Afropolitan background, but I often attended Rod Stewart’s Atlantic City concerts. Yep. New Jersey is my home state. One of my favorite songs is “Some Guys Have All The Luck.” That song!

Six Caucasian Celebrities Accused of Sexual Assault, & Rape

Let me begin this blog by stating that there is nothing shameful or embarrassing when a man asks a woman out with the intent to sleep with her. No man should feel uncomfortable about his honest desire to have sex with a woman. The question is, does that woman feel the same way about the man? She might or might not be interested in sexual congress with him or anyone.

Is Lizzo Remarkably Confident and Self Assured in Her Skin or Is Her Sensitivity a Desperate Call for Change

Some one told me and I quote, “attention is the new currency.” We are living in a time very confusing time. North Americans have steered their society in a direction that has the world like… huh? What do I mean by that? Okay, how many times do you see an underemployed man, has terrible credit, borderline homeless, and dead broke, but he’s well dressed and portrays himself to be rich?