Is Ye a Conscious Rapper?

Picture an independent musician in Germany with an enchanting and groundbreaking song. It is a powerful and captivating song that simulates the mind, emotions, sight, and hearing senses. Almost everyone swoons to this song! This creates numerous opportunities for many other related professionals to thrive. Let’s assume that this one song has been bought by 5% of the German population, a staggering 4,150,000 people, each paying five euros. That is a whopping 20,750,000 euros for the artist.

A Few Reasons Nightclub Culture is Dying 4

Observe that almost every hypothesis has been fully exploited. For example, when a musician shares music online, WOKE employees at those platforms anticipate how that artist expects the public to respond. The vengeful losers consciously distort the quality of that artist’s product to try and undermine the positive narrative surrounding that artist. It’s the same with nightlife in popular nightclubs.

A Few Reasons Nightclub Culture is Dying 3

This observation will likely cross some minds as I may not know how best to communicate it. However, I will try to paint this picture with as small a brush as possible by answering this question. Why do men go to nightclubs? Well, for starters, men built and designed nightclubs. Since men established the nightlife culture, men initially went there for business. If he doesn’t own the facility, he runs it. He could also be security. No? Do you disagree?

10 Explanations Why Africans Say Enough Is Enough

Yes, the general meaning of the word “Holocaust” refers to the systematic, state-sponsored murders of Jewish men, women, and children. The often ignored victims of another Holocaust are the Africans and people of African descent. However, Germany made public apologies and paid reparations to the Jewish people. The United States and Europe, aided by Canada and Australia, have yet to do the same to Africans and people of African descent.

Quandaries of a Conqueror — Pinpointing Hip Hop’s Civil War

It’s mesmerizing to see how persuasive Hip Hop has become. Looking back at the beginning of my journey in this Kulture, I remember the days when Rock ‘N’ Roll and Country music cultures ruled the day. Understand me. I long for rappers to become the anchors for morality again. It’s so bad that I no longer call myself a rapper. In my book, there is a difference between a rapper and an emcee. As an emcee, I consider myself a recording artist. My talents enable me to create music as a historically and politically accurate expression for myself and like-minded audiences that respect this art form.

A Deceive, Rob, or Kill Business Model Against Rappers

Rappers should consider that everybody knows the game in today’s Hip Hop climate. It’s not like back when we were the dopest ones. Right? If you could deejay, rap, or sing while the others couldn’t, they admired your talent. You became that inspiration for the rest. Back when some people were too young or broke to experience the classic moments, be they the hottest albums

International Migration Rarely Enhances One’s Caste Status

I’ve been planning a second series of books since moving from blogging to simply posting in my online notebook. This time, I want to try my hand at geopolitics. The scary realization I’ve been reluctant to admit publicly is that when I get to the heart of most social and political affinities, I’ve always found that sex, resources, or both are the primary motivators behind any determination.